Vast chooses TRL11 for Full Motion, Low Delay Video Onboard HAVEN-1 Space Station

February 8, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Vast, a pioneer in space habitation technologies, has selected TRL11 Inc. (“TRL11”) to build its onboard video solutions for its Haven-1 space station.

TRL11 will equip Haven-1 inside and outside the vehicle with its Fovea Space Cameras and SAVER (Space Aware Video Edge-computer Recorder) Platforms. The system plans to capture and stream dynamic scenes essential for space station operations, including the arrival and docking of crewed spacecraft, astronaut safety monitoring, equipment maintenance, and communication with ground control.

TRL11’s video capabilities for the space station will first be demonstrated in Vast’s Haven Demo Mission and then fully deployed for the Haven-1 Mission.

“We are truly excited about showcasing Fovea and SAVER on Vast’s Haven-1 mission,” said Nicolaas Verheem, TRL11’s CEO.  “The capabilities of the Vast platform, and the con-ops of the Haven-1 mission will no doubt result in a new bar for what full motion video captured in space could look like, and the value it could bring to a mission. High quality video is already so essential to our way of life on earth – in our home, our cars, our daily communication and for productivity. As humans push the boundaries of our presence further and further into space, video will become essential there too.” 

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