TRL11, Inc. Adds Renowned NASA Space Imaging Expert and NASA/Lockheed Martin Executive to its Management Team

June 12, 2023
Irvine, CA

TRL11, Inc., apioneering company at the forefront of space video technology, announces theaddition of two new executive team members, Rodney Grubbs and Vijay Shravah, toits management team.  The announcementcomes two weeks after TRL11 closed a $3 million-plus pre-seed funding round.  

Rodney Grubbs

Grubbs, a renownedNASA Space Imaging Expert with 20+ years’ experience with cutting edge videosystems in space, will lend his expertise to lead specifying, designing anddeploying TRL11’s full motion video systems into the harsh environment inspace.

Grubbs was a PrincipalInvestigator for many firsts in Space Imagery, including the first live HDTVand UHD downlinks, the first digital cinema camera, and the first 3D HDTVcamera. He recently served as the Imagery Lead for NASA’s Artemis Program, andas Project Manager for the Crew Handheld Camera which will provide iconicimagery of humanity’s return to the moon.

Grubbs maintainsEmeritus status with NASA and will continue to Chair the Motion Imagery & ApplicationsWorking Group, part of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems, whichestablishes interoperable standards for space communications.

Vijay Shravah

Shravah joins as VP ofBusiness Development and signals a new era of growth for TRL11, which willutilize its cutting-edge video solutions for space applications such asimproved space domain awareness and to assist in proximity operations.

Shravah brings 17+years of experience, including a decade between NASA and Lockheed Martin. Hisdeep understanding of the aerospace industry, coupled with his more recententrepreneurial experience at early-stage space companies such as StarfishSpace, will help TRL11 achieve significant traction with both government andcommercial customers.

Shravah’s appointmentat TRL11 marks an exciting new chapter for both him and the company. Havingmade its first dedicated business development hire, TRL11 is now poised toserve a much-needed market of video solutions for the space domain.

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